July 08-17 | 8 pm Wednesday-Saturday, 7:30 pm Sunday-Monday

presented by
The PIT Collective

The play takes place in Los Angeles, in the late 1940s. Crime novelist from New York is taking the offer from a producer of Hollywood, to adapt into screenplay his latest novel. Is he willing to give up on his mundane life for fortune and fame?  As the marriage of the author is falling apart, simultaneously, we are following the adventures of his main character the detective. Detective Stone with his witty remarks has a certain way with the woman but is constantly haunted by the one woman who got away in this interesting noir crime novel.

Coming soon: Robin Hood: Prince of Tease

This play is an original theatre production in burlesque style and is inspired by the classic Robin Hood tale with a bit of a twist. In this play, most of the characters have a different gender than the original. The story is following Robin as she and her merry woman are conspiring to stop the terrors of Prince Joan and her evil sidekick, the Nottingham Sheriff. As the story goes, Robin must learn precious lessons about teamwork and honor if she wants to save the kingdom from Joan’s hands.